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15 Incredible Home Cinema Ideas

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With most people stuck at home during the never-ending lockdowns, the number of people searching for home cinema ideas to turn their existing living room or spare room into a fully-featured home cinema has been growing.

Below you’ll find 15 home cinema ideas on how to create your own home cinema setup.

1. Small home cinema ideas

This small room has been turned into a purpose-built home cinema with classic movie posters on the wall and speakers built into the ceilings.

2. Red themed home cinema

This home cinema can fit the entire family and all their friends along the comfy L-shaped couch. The screen uses a projector so you get a huge picture.

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3. Home cinema with cinema chairs

This home cinema is the real deal with a big comfy couch at the front and real luxury cinema seating behind with space for your drinks and popcorn. The screen size seems disappointingly small for the size of the room though.

4. Small, luxury home cinema

If you’re creating a home cinema and you want to have it look and feel of a real luxury cinema, then you can’t go wrong with cushioned walls like the one below and an intimate U-shaped couch to get everyone snuggled up together.

5. Home cinema and lounge

Sometimes you just want to have a normal lounge by day and a luxury home cinema by night. That’s what this home cinema set up achieves with a projector and screen that tucks neatly away when it is not in use.

6. Classy home cinema

This sophisticated home cinema has a classy look with its red decor and wooden paneling. A small bar area means refreshments are always on-hand when you’re watching blockbuster movies.

7. Intimate, cosy home cinema

This home cinema has an intimate, cosy feel to it. By day it could be a lounge, and by night an area to enjoy blockbuster movies on the big screen thanks to the advanced projector at the back of the room.

8. Green home cinema

If you want colour schemes for your home cinema ideas, then this green-themed home cinema should give you some inspiration. It’s small, cosy and perfectly set up for enjoying movies on the big screen.

9. Plush home cinema

This plush home cinema has got everything. Cushioned walls, plush, lay-flat seating, cinema style tables to hold your drinks and pop corn, snuggle blankets and beanbag seats. You’d never have to visit an Odeon again if you had this in your home.

10. Home cinemas for small rooms

This home cinema proves that you don’t need big rooms to enjoy a cinema experience, you just have to know how to use the space you have. It’s super-cosy and I can just imagine being snuggled up with your family on these inviting couches.

11. Multi-purpose home cinema room

This is another idea for a home cinema room which can double up as a family room during the day. This home cinema uses a large TV for the screen instead of a projector.

12. High-end home cinema

For those that want their home cinema to be the best that money can buy, this has to be the ultimate setup. It’s got a largish room with full, lay-flat, luxury seating and speakers built into the walls. If I had this in my house I don’t think I’d ever want to leave.

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13. Home cinema setup in living room

If you haven’t got the space for a separate home cinema room, then turning your lounge into a home cinema might be the answer, like this property has done. By day it’s a cosy family room, but when it’s time to watch a movie, it turns into a full home cinema complete with a projector.

14. Large home cinema

When you have acres of space, you can turn your room into a massive home cinema complete with moveable lay-flat seating for the movie-watchers.

15. Stylish home cinema

I can’t say I’m a big fan of this black and purple-themed home cinema, but each to their own. When you’ve got the room, lay-flat seating is the only way to go.

What’s your home cinema idea?

Are you planning to turn an existing room into a home cinema or maybe you’re thinking of converting your garage from an unorganised mess into a lavish home cinema.


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